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Vitafoods Asia 2019

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Vitafoods Asia Conference to present top 5 APAC nutraceutical trends



The conference programme at Vitafoods Asia 2019 will cover 5 key themes shaping the Asia Pacific region and equip attendees with practical outcomes to help their businesses be more successful in the nutraceutical space.



19 July 2019, SINGAPORE – Delegates to the upcoming Vitafoods Asia Conference in Singapore, 25-26 September 2019, will have the opportunity to dive deep into the latest regional trends in the Asian nutraceutical industry. Five clearly focused and tailored content platforms including Personalised nutritionNutricosmeticsDigestive healthMental wellbeing and Sports and fitness nutrition will be presented in an exceptional programme that is perfectly positioned between science and industry. Led by industry experts across two days, discussions will cover current nutraceuticals business challenges, opportunities and market innovation in these core functional areas.

2019年7月19日新加坡讯 - 即将于9月25日至26日在新加坡登场的2019亚洲国际营养保健食品展,让出席的代表们有机会深入了解亚洲营养保健行业的最新区域趋势。五大量身定制的重点式内容平台,涵盖个性化营养营养美容消化健康心理健康以及运动与健身营养,将通过一个在科学与行业之间完美定位的特出会议来演示。通过为期两天的活动,行业专家将带领大家探讨在这些核心功能领域当中,有关营养保健食品的各种商业挑战、机遇和市场创新。


“This year, we are thrilled to present the Vitafoods Asia Conference, which will give delegates the opportunity to learn from, and network with, leading nutraceutical, supplement and functional food industry experts,” said Chris Lee, Managing Director, GHNN Europe at Informa Markets, the organiser of Vitafoods Asia. “We are also particularly excited to bring you sports and fitness nutrition presentations during Vitafoods Asia 2019. The Asia Pacific is projected to be the fastest growing sports nutrition region and the presentation will allow participants to learn about the latest ingredient research as well as opportunities to develop new products in the space.”

“今年,我们很雀跃能推介亚洲国际营养保健食品展,让代表们有机会向领先的营养保健食品、补充剂和功能性食品的行业专家取经,并与之互动联系,”Informa的GHNN Europe常务董事兼亚洲国际营养保健食品展主办方Chris Lee表示。“我们也非常高兴能在2019亚洲国际营养保健食品展期间,为您带来运动与健身营养方面的演示。亚太区预计将成为运动营养领域增长最快的区域,而这演示将让参与者了解最新成分的研究,以及在这个领域开发新产品的各种商机。”


Delegates can book their pass at www.vitafoodsasia.com/conference



Conference speaker, Dr Stephen Burns, Associate Professor, Physical Education & Sports Science, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, will discuss evidence that supports the use of ketogenic diets for training and performance in athletes, in consideration of the potential downsides for performance and health.

会议主讲人,南洋理工大学国家教育学院体育与运动科学副教授Stephen Burns博士将探讨“使用生酮饮食进行运动员训练并提高表现”的支持证据,同时将表现与健康的潜在不利因素纳入考量。


Another conference speaker, Nabil Bosco, Healthy ageing team leader, Retd. National Institute of Nutrition, Nestle Research (Singapore), will outline a holistic view of the digestive health market, mechanisms of action and fermented products to reassess the benefits of different ingredients aimed at a healthier gut. He will also discuss the role of food and nutrient synergy for digestive health and highlight any new research and market opportunities.

另一位会议主讲人,雀巢研究中心(新加坡)国家营养研究院的健康老龄化团队负责人(已退休) Nabil Bosco将概述消化健康市场、作用机制和发酵产品的整体观点,以重新评估不同成分的益处如何协助保有更健康的肠道。此外,他还将探讨食物和营养协同对消化系统健康的作用,并重点推介任何新的研究和市场良机。


The full line-up of keynote speakers at this year’s conference include:


  • Chin-Kun Wang, President, International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (Taiwan)
  • Chin-Kun Wang(台湾),国际营养保健食品与功能食品协会主席
  • Dr Celine Klotz, Clinical Trial Director, Japanese Society of Antiaging Nutrition (Japan)
  • Celine Klotz博士(日本),日本抗衰老营养学会临床试验主任
  • Dr Madhavan Nair, Scientist, Retd. National Institute of Nutrition, Vice-President Nutrition Society of India (India)
  • Madhavan Nair博士(印度),印度营养协会副主席兼国家营养研究院科学家(已退休)
  • Dr Lin Jing, Researcher, Food Science and Technology Programme, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • Lin Jing(新加坡),新加坡国立大学食品科学与技术项目研究员
  • Michelle Teodoro, Food Science and Nutrition Analyst, Mintel (Singapore)
  • Michelle Teodoro(新加坡),Mintel食品科学与营养分析师
  • David Foreman, President, Herbal Pharmacist Media (US)
  • David Foreman(美国),Herbal Pharmacist Media总裁


The Vitafoods Asia Conference 2019, which runs alongside the Vitafoods Asia Exhibition, is structured to incorporate the latest research as well as a market overview and market innovation. Each session will last two-three hours, enabling participants to flexibly juggle networking, business meetings and educational content.



Register for Vitafoods Asia



The Vitafoods Asia Exhibition and Conference is where the nutraceutical industry comes together to find solutions, share knowledge and create business opportunities. Discover high quality products, ingredients and services, learn about the latest trends and network with 350+ global suppliers from 60+ countries across the global nutraceutical supply chain.



To register for the Exhibition or the Conference, please visit www.vitafoodsasia.com



Vitafoods Asia is pleased to announce that KSM-66 Ashwagandha is confirmed as the headline sponsor for Vitafoods Asia 2019.

亚洲国际营养保健食品展欣然宣布,KSM-66 Ashwagandha已确认作为2019亚洲国际营养保健食品展的标题赞助商。


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About Vitafoods Asia


Vitafoods Asia is part of Informa Health & Nutrition by Informa Markets, is made up of the top events, education, data and content brands across the global health and wellness industry. This powerful alliance serves a world-wide network of CPG brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, investors and service providers. Informa Health & Nutrition events include Esca Bona, Natural Products Expo East and Natural Products Expo West, NBJ Summit, SupplySide West and SupplySide East, Vitafoods Europe and Vitafoods Asia.

亚洲国际营养保健食品展是Informa Markets的Informa Health&Nutrition一部分,涵盖来自全球健康与保健行业的顶级活动、教育、数据和内容品牌。这个强大的联盟服务于由CPG品牌、制造商、供应商、零售商、分销商、投资者和服务提供商组成的世界网络。Informa Health&Nutrition的活动包括Natural Products Expo East与Natural Products Expo West、NBJ Summit、SupplySide West 与SupplySide East、Vitafoods Europe与Vitafoods Asia。


Natural Products INSIDER is the global media brand covering healthy ingredients and finished applications. Vitafoods Insights offers online content and a series of topic-specific digital magazines that bring highlights of the Vitafoods events to a global audience. 

Natural Products INSIDER是涵盖健康成分和成品应用的全球媒体品牌。Vitafoods Insights提供在线内容和一系列特定主题的数字杂志,为全球观众呈献Vitafoods活动的亮点。


For more information, visit informahealthandnutrition.com



Informa Markets creates platforms for specialist markets to connect, trade, innovate and grow. Informa Markets operate over 500 major, branded exhibitions where buyers and sellers working in a specialist market can meet face to face, see and show products, conduct business and build relationships. We also provide a range of digital solutions based on data and expert content that connect and engage businesses year-round.

Informa Markets为专业市场创建多个平台去联系,贸易,创新和发展。Informa Markets运营着超过500个主要的品牌展览,使专业市场中运作的买家和卖家双方可以见面洽谈,看到并展示产品,开展业务以及建立关系。我们还提供一系列基于数据和专家内容的数字解决方案,全年连接并投入业务。


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